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Veronika Decides to Die Quotes: 1

P 1
There is alwayas a gap between intention and action.

P 2
Nothing in this world happens by chance.

P 5
She laughed to think of the controversy in the newspapers, with some for and some against her suicide committed in honour of conutry's cause.

P 7
The human race must procreate. Society needs workers. A couple has to have a reason to stay together even when love has ceased to exist, and a country needs soldiers, politicians and artists.

P 8
God knows the past, the present and the future. In that case, he had placed her in this world with the full knowledge that she would end up killing herself, and he would no longer shocked by her actions.
-- This would work as great rationalisation for committing any kind of sin.

P 12
Absurd though it (she fighting with her husband over his mistress) may seem, I think that was the happiest time of her life. She was fighting for something, She felt alive and capable of responding to the challenges facing her.

P 13
At last she resigned to her fate.

P 16
And when he thought about it - and it must be said, he rarely did.

P 19
Some people always want to help others. Just so that they can feel better than they really are.

P 20
People think about sex only once a fortnight and transform that thought into action only once a month.

P 25
A lot of people would talk about the horrors in other people's lives as if they were genuinely concerned to help them, but the truth was that they took pleasure in suffering of others, because that made them believe that they were happy and their life had been generous with them.
She wasnt going to give this man an opportunity to take advantage of her state, in order to mask his own frustrations.

P 27
She had always spent her life waiting for something.

P 30
Her body was warmed by the desire of the person waiting for her.

P 32
I have never been depressed, never felt great joy or sadness, atleast none that lasted.

P 33
It seemed that noone wanted to share their inner world with strangers

P 35
She is not going to stop something which gives her pleasure just to be nice to a complete stranger. If she should react badly, you'll never have another chance to approach her. Tha mad always believe in first impressions

P 36
After all she was mad too and she nolonger worried about pleasing anyone.

P 37
Veronika assumed an ironic air, smiled, turned and moved off so that no one would notice that her eyes were filling with tears.

P 38
She had never allowed herself to be provoked.
She needed to get back to the person she used to be, someone able to respond with irony, to pretend that insults didnt bother her because she was better than all of them.
Here I am with my days literally numbered giving importance to the remarks made by people I have never seen before.

P 39
In adolescence she thought it was too early to choose, now in youth she was convinced it was too late to change.

She went to work everyday always keeping to the same time table, always making sure she wasnt perceived as threat by her superiors. She was contented but she didnt struggle and hence she didnt grow.

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